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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
There is that Franklin Coverup/Bohemian Grove angle, too. Look that up if you haven't. Hunter Thompson was said to be the cameraman of a snuff film shot at Bohemian Grove. One of the kids in the case had it written down in his diary that he kept in the early 80's. Of course Rusty Nelson claimed that when the same group asked him to shoot the D.C. sex abuse parties and he refused, they got someone who looked just like him to do it under his name...
It's possible that Hunter S. Thompson (if he actually had anything to do with it) was investigating this as a story considering his distrust and dislike of political figures. I don't know about the kids diary (link?), but I do know that Rusty Nelson's word aint worth shit and that's who said HST approached him to do the filming, and if that's all the evidence there is, how do we know HST wasn't doing a story?

Comment: This account says Thompson killed himself while sitting in a chair on his typewriter and yet the original account tells us that Thompson shot himself while talking to his wife on the phone in the kitchen. Why has the story changed andwhat is the significance of the word typed on the paper in light of the fact that Thompson said he would be 'suicided' before being able to release a major story on explosives bringing down the twin towers?
Then story sounds conflicting because Hunter Thompson's "office" was his kitchen table. He always sat at the same table in the same uncomfortable stool/breakfast bar chair at his typewriter. So both stories could be correct, just different sounding.

I don't know wether he killed himself or not,but Ralph Steadman who was one of his best friends said that hunter said to him "If I didn't know I could commit suicide any time I wanted, I'd feel extremely trapped in this world right now"

His family said he was O.K, but it's easier to talk to your friends about certain shit, than it is to your family.

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