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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
The best understanding we have on this subject comes from Andrew Bartzis , also confirmed by Randy Cremer , Correy Goode from the SSP...

There are two very separate layers to inner earth...

The first comprises tunnels , chambers , large hollow areas under the surface . These can go no deeper than 5 miles due to heat from the inner core .... Still there are massive spaces , miles high , with clouds , artificial sun . The secret government is there as well as countless alien races in their separate bases .

Typical near surface underground alien base

The second level is in the core. The established view of the earth is correct , the core is white hot . To gain access you must have permission to enter , have the right DNA code and enter through a portal and shift dimensions . So these inner earth civilizations are in the same location as the white hot core , but exist in another dimension.

No big holes at the polls .... no 'hollow' earth in conventional terms ...and the conventional explanation of the aurora is correct.
hi this is a not bad artistic conception.

How ever there not near surface city. which might contain as few as 1000's of living peoples souls. non human n human. they don't build in pillars because shifting plates. They build in the ceiling of carved out caves. meaning they live on solid rock. n there cities are suspended from the ceiling. We see in Egypt how the stone has been some how gelatinized an resolidified to create some of pillar typed obelisks. I would venture a guess n say that how there harding these surfaces.

There main build ; has a project off the roof of the structure. an they are shaped like a disk shaped UFO. there can be pillar like smaller hanging building around the main structure' There whole city is enclosed in side the main structure. there are windows. in the images i have worked with. non have been posted.

Why have non been post. No one found the right mythos in imagery to, find the information.

So what it would looking like are a stacked disks hanging from the ceiling. Like a bee hive. progressive getting smaller. at what we would call the top. are projection in the same fashion as my cloud images. like a TV only the air.

Why not build on the ground of a cave ? rocks fall from gravity. higher up u are the less distance for rocks to fall on your head.

as I say maybe 1,000 living peoples pre what we call there cities. how ever The word living become much broader when you know what there doing.

About this concept when we talk about it ; We should realize that mythos is talking about the concept of hell. When we descend to hell we are upside down.

With thot same token idea we ascend to heaven up side down as well..

Well i hope this add to your topic an helps in some understanding of this topic.

It should be noted that Curley's HolyWells ; Topic. has much of the basic information. towards this subject.

Much love n Good luck.
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