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Read Marshall B. Gardner's book. He provides lot of compelling evidence confirming hollow earth with a small natural sun at the center. Marshall B. Gardner's hollow earth theory is based only on facts and observations from scientists, polar explorers, astronomers, etc. collection in his book. Nothing more nothing less.

No need for other dimensions and portals and iron core speculation. Trip to hollow earth is only one straight 3000 km flight from Arctic or Antarctic into the polar opening, towards 90 latitude, geographic poles, physical rotation axis of earth. The place that is forbidden for anyone to visit via boat and planes. Planes only fly around wandering magnetic poles around 70-80 latitude which are 500+ km away from geographic poles. You will need your own plane and fly illegally to hollow earth while avoiding detection from military and inner earth ufo's. Sailing via small boat or submarine is safer, less likely to be detected.

First layer is subterranean caves as earth is full of gigantic caves and many caves contain various forms of life. Second layer is inner earth, the concave surface side from where almost all life on earth originated from. Plenty of evidence of life in inner earth in Marshall B. Gardner's book. Also in Etidorhpa authors edition book.

Heat from the core doesn't reach the surface earth except at geographic poles. All heat experienced underground is from magma which is nothing more than result of chemical, electrical and radioactive reactions. Sea water plays a big role in chemically forming magma. Magma is a crustal phenomenon and is generated no more than 40 km under the earth.

Eskimo people are living proof of humans living in inner earth.

Plenty of evidence confirming big holes at the poles, read Marshall B. Gardner's book. Highly doubt conventional explanation of the aurora is correct when almost everything taught about universe in schools is flat wrong and debunked by Electric Universe.
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