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The best understanding we have on this subject comes from Andrew Bartzis , also confirmed by Randy Cremer , Correy Goode from the SSP...

There are two very separate layers to inner earth...

The first comprises tunnels , chambers , large hollow areas under the surface . These can go no deeper than 5 miles due to heat from the inner core .... Still there are massive spaces , miles high , with clouds , artificial sun . The secret government is there as well as countless alien races in their separate bases .

Typical near surface underground alien base

The second level is in the core. The established view of the earth is correct , the core is white hot . To gain access you must have permission to enter , have the right DNA code and enter through a portal and shift dimensions . So these inner earth civilizations are in the same location as the white hot core , but exist in another dimension.

No big holes at the polls .... no 'hollow' earth in conventional terms ...and the conventional explanation of the aurora is correct.

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