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Thanks for support in making this a sticky Tealady

Sorry I've been offline a couple of days but here is
Episode 8: Stories of Hope: Autoimmune Patients Share Their Experiences of Suffering and Their Secret Path to Healing

Again I don't know how long it will be live for or if the link will work to non-subscribers.

Reading some of the comments (if you have subscribed to the Betrayal mailing site) some people are annoyed that no actual "cure" or "what to take" is really discussed. I don't think that is necessarily the point as with true holistic functional medicine you are educated in the basics and then find what works for you! The series is just putting out there what a lot of people don't know about how important our digestive tracts are for our wellbeing and if it gets damaged it can cause some awful trouble, in some cases some years down the line.

I have finally decided to go 100% gluten free and have done for the last 2 weeks. It's not so bad, you can still eat meat (preferably grass fed) and lots of veg. No grains apart from maize/corn starch and oats (as long as they have been harvested and rolled etc. in a gluten-free facility).
I was never much of a bread or pasta eater and I'm happy with the alternatives, even if the GF bread tastes a little sweet it is quite edible! Ready made sauces are out and it's shocking how much wheat is an ingrediant in what seems like everything and a few surprises as well.

I'm happy to say that the bloating that plagued me has virtually gone and I don't blow up like Jeremiah Bullfrog after a meal now.

Thankfully there is a lot more GF food now but you still have to check labels. It's also a big advantage that we cook from scratch most times anyway and living in the country have access to well-priced and stocked organic produce farm shops.

And I've got rather fond of real sauerkraut (not cabbage in vinegar). Easy to make and easy to get in health food shops. As Dr Tom O'Bryan says, a couple of forkfulls a day is good probiotic for your guts to repopulate good bacteria.

Hope others are finding inspiration too.
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