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Default Is liberalism the Christian right in disguise?

I've noticed that many prominent "liberals" are actually devout Christians.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are devout Methodists if I'm not mistaken. Ted Kennedy who changed the immigration laws in the US was a devout Catholic.

Super liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau who turned Canada into the first multicultural country, had been trained by the Jesuits in Montreal.

Jerry Brown who destroyed California wanted to be a Jesuit priest but left the seminary 6 days before being ordained to go to Berkeley.

Filmmaker Michael Moore admitted here that he wanted to become a priest:

The best way to destroy true liberalism would be to create a degenerate version of it as we are now seeing in our media, governments, school system etc.

Then people will blame liberalism and vote far right in order to protect Christian nations from an Islamic takeover. But who is really betraying us?

Anyone ever thought of the possibility that it's the Christian right behind the whole thing?

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