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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Different people would interpret that word "awakening" in different ways ....

I think the most sensible way is to see it as 'awakening to the truth about our world' ...intentionally poisoned vaccines , fake moon landing , elite pedophilia and satanism ,9/11 lies, ETs meddling everywhere and the SSP with millions of slaves off world ...

At this point in our history it certainly does take time to investigate and realize it's true ... But soon, for the masses the 'awakening' can come overnight. Once it's on the 9 o clock news and admitted all will believe it ...

Then for many the confusion and depression will come ... But for those like us , who have come to this truth by investigation over many years ,and have already gone through the depression , there will be only relief the truth has gone public.
I understand what you are saying. The stage 1 of awakening is to know that these things are played. But knowledge is nothing if not put into practise which would be the stage 3 as per my post.

They have a long way to go.
And according to the law of rhythm, the more pain and suffering you go through, the deeper you are the more benefit you will gain from such experience. I don't know how many masses would rather put on their pair of headphones and look the other way.

It has certainly been very painful and difficult for me but I know I am marching on for sure.
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