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Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
Great. You are right but how is this going to stop people from taking the vaccine?
vaccine is the very least of the problem. the only reason there is a David Icke interest is because the majority of the planet is now being effected by problems we can't recognize. We have always had problems but as long as it only effected one or two, when ever they made a complaint nobody listened.

Look at the homeless, do you really think they are homeless or do you think they are victims of some kind of crime and we treat our victims HORRIBLY. Look at people starving in Africa, come on we have known about MASSIVE problems for a very long time now yet we did nothing but made a profit on it.

NOW if I looked at the problem of Vaccine over forcing our children into sex slaves, I'd be focusing on the sex slave problem. Why is it you would focus on a vaccine?

My problem was massive, it brought harm to my 4 children. Nobody listened, nobody helped, nobody cared. The problem I faced is happening to millions of other people on this planet yet it's never discussed, never in the news and nobody will ever talk about it - why? My problem is not as big as people starving in Africa, or victims in wars, or kids in the sex trade, or vaccine that could harm others, but it doesn't mean it isn't important to me and won't hold my undivided attention.

If the majority of the planet is experiencing problems, they notice "hey nobody cares, nobody is listening, nobody has an interest in solving this problem", then the one's noticing the problem like David Icke will gain attention. We are at that stage of the game now. If you want to focus only on vaccine and not all the problems that caused the vaccine problem in the first place - how would you solve it?

We needed to have everything happen exactly the way they have happened - this is all an amazing experience if you understand the total picture. Things had to get this bad before we noticed exactly who we are.

There is one easy fix for this REALLY. The films "The Secret" and "What the Bleep do we know" has opened up huge doors for the Globe to recognize the solutions. Have you ever noticed that if you ask a question long enough you eventually get the answer? That is what I have done to the problems that harmed my children - "how do I solve this problem". I came up with solutions but the solutions always had an obstacle so I kept looking until I found a solution that presented no obstacles and I found it. What solves the problems for my kids, just happens to solve every problem known to the human experience - who'da thought?

So here we are knowing the solution perfectly, no doubt at all. I'd even challenge this David Icke site to pick at it, find the flaw, improve on it as much as possible. Or face the reality that you really have no interest in solving Global problems. From what I've observed people who are working towards "World Peace" require problems for them to earn a living and after years of their hard work we still don't have "world peace". People who offer help in books, need problems in order for them to sell books and yet the problems never go away - why? We are earning money on our problems so there is no motivation to fix a damn thing. How much money is David Icke earning and yet that man KNOWS the solutions, he even links some of the best information on this planet yet doesn't highlight it at all. Instead he makes sense out of the information and puts it in his own books so he can earn more profit.

So just help me out here, are you truly interested in solutions or are you more interested in just complaining about problems?

If you want solutions, the entire Globe can be shifted within a 2 year time frame. Something must happen between now and December 2010 for us to experience this change before 2012 when the bigger problems hit us. There are planetary changes happening, every planet is heating up - why? The moon has an effect on our planet, there are other things that can effect our planet and the Mayan's new about it. We have to solve our global problems in order to be prepared to solve the bigger problems coming our way.

We have chooses and we have directions to take, which direction do you want to take? There will be no mistakes, everything will be perfect you just have to decide to you want to take the hard road or the easy road? Go for the easy road - it's a much better experience.

I am just one person who wants to make some changes. I am getting to the point where I will stop trying to explain what's really going on and just let it all happen or wait for someone else to figure things out. Trust without a doubt if me and my 4 kids were being tortured in front of you, you would say "that's horrible" and then walk away and do nothing to help. That's who we are at the moment.

let me know which direction you want to take? Do you really want to know the solution or do you just LOVE talking about all the problems?
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