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Exclamation ISIS False Flag Terrorism To Control its Vassal Europe

Anglo-American Empire NATO UK USA Gladio ISIS False Flag Terrorism To Control its Vassal Europe

Gladio aimed to get people scared so they would turn to the government for protection.

This is known as the "strategy of tension" and the "Path to a Police State".

Secret for over 40 years, Gladio is a Anglo-American Empire NATO the CIA and MI6 backed network of armed Nazi soldiers inside the 14 nations of Europe which bypasses the control of nation governments. Ostensibly intended for use only in case of a Soviet invasion, Gladio has in fact carried out a string of false flag terror attacks. In 1990, the European parliament called for national political investigations, but most national governments have chosen not to investigate it.

Thus NATO the CIA and MI6 have controlled and still control their Vassal State of Europe
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