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We can see ourselves as the magnificent powerful, magical beings that we are, choosing these lives constantly with each pulsation. We are literally vibrating in the NOW, no space and no time. We are eternal holographic energy, highly sophisticated intelligent beings vibrating as many frequency bands at once. Apparently, we are so smart to build these hearts, and yet, when we get to earth, the beliefs of the society brainwashes us into their limited beliefs.....unless something happens to change that into an opening up of the consciousness of the infinite.
That is what happened to David Icke and what happened to me and many other near death experiencers. I was severely abused as a child, apparently chosen as an event, and I HAD to learn to listen to the compassionate voices that spoke to me. The voices of these energy beings that spoke to me were more kind, more patient, than any of those coming from the people around me. So this life was chosen on purpose and to have rescued me would have taken this life in a different direction---one towards the beliefs in solidity and then death.
So do we rescue the abused after all? They are constantly choosing their lives to experience that event. There has to be a very good reason to choose a life of such misery. After all, these lives are chosen from the perspective of being eternal and magnificent where we know all. Within that frequency band that is faster than the speed of light we are one in purpose with all other energy beings.
PERHAPS some of us choose lives without the perspective of being eternal and forgiven--all that God is. It seems that even out of these bodies that we can forget that we already are all that God is. We can forget that there is no need to choose another life to fix or change or forgive anyone. These are holographic movies, after all, and we are already perfect and all that God is no matter what we did in that life--even HITLER. (These are movies that need to fall away.) He did not know that he and everyone else is equal energy--all that is. If he knew that, he would not have done what he did. It was ignorance and stupidity and everyone there participated freely, choosing to be born into that life. That is the lesson most needed to learn. Stop choosing these lives to learn that we are already eternal-- then all of these lives of pain and misery can stop. The cycle of reincarnation/many faces can finally stop when everyone realizes that they are already all that God is. Forgive Hitler. Let him go. It was stupidity. Stop building the movie over and over and over. Let every body go. Let all the prisoners out. Throw all the locks away. We are all one energy being, within the brain waves of God. We are already perfect.

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