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Simon Wood
NYUMBANI UK Director 22 Dec 2003 Resigned (22 Jul 2004)
Supporting HIV and AIDS affected children in Africa
Hotcourses Foundation
Providing education to the most vulnerable
Self Help Africa
Images in this newsletter are courtesy of David Stephenson, Stephen O'Brien, Nick Spollin, Simon Wood and Self Help Africa staff.
This week in....Kampala, Uganda: The Jenny & Jessie School
Uploaded on Mar 5, 2009
BromptonGlobetrotterĀ·61 videos

"Few things in life are more rewarding than seeing a child smile - an unconditional display of joy. Want to achieve this in seconds? Then jut bring along a Brompton. This is the Jenny & Jessie Day School, Kampala, Uganda. Additional entertainment was supplied by my colleague and British Airways pilot Simon Wood on the accordian...."

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