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You can be sure, the lone gunman, took there ideas about wtc from the way in 1993, the first bombing of wtc, the muslim geezer claimed the fbi set him up.

So i do not agree, the lone gunman, predicted 911, and the reasons in lone gunman, why they said it happened, were probably just ideas of why they set up the first bombing in 1993.

Considering muslims were hijacking planes back then, 80's, and early 90, and they wanted to take down the wtc in 1993, its not a big jump to say they would use planes as weapons against it later on.

Muslims used planes many times, as terrorist events.

If you put there fascination for planes, and they wanted to take down wtc in 1993, i do not think it would of been that hard for someone in hollywood to say, they may eventually use planes to target the wtc.

If you put those two things together, how can people in usa gov, claim they were shocked that muslims used planes as weapons. Muslims had a fascination for using planes in 80's, and 90;s, as hijacking vehicles.

I think the lone gunman, explanation why america would take down the wtc, came form the 1993 bombing, and how the muslim terrorist claimed the fbi set him up. Thats where that lonegunman, episode probably came from.
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So true

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