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We're all aware of the news report by BBC news reporter Jane Stanley describing on air that the Salomon (wrongly pronounced as the Solomon building by some researchers) building (building 7) had fallen when in fact it clearly hadn't due to the fact that the building was still standing there behind her. I've always wondered what exactly was going on here, or rather, how they managed to make a mistake like this considering how pre-planned the whole event was. Was it just that Stanley was not fully briefed on what was going and was told to basically read what she was told and may not even have known what the Salomon building was?, possible I suppose, or was she fully aware that that building was still standing even though she was reporting it had collapsed?. Why would they let this slip? as a sign (like predictive programming) to show us that it was planned?. It could be that the media just guessed that the building would collapse at some time due to it being so close to the twin towers, or maybe they were told that it looked like it was coming down and they quickly jumped the gun too quickly, which may account for the obvious error.

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