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Originally Posted by murkyfogsfuturelogs View Post
I can see where you're coming from. There have been some benefits to living under the systems which are enforced/imposed on us by TPTB. More people have been lifted out of poverty, living standards have improved and life expectancy has increased.. Unfortunately the seesaw is tiling back the other way again.

TPTB have become greedy and complacent and as a result living standards are sliding back down, the gap between rich and poor and general inequality is increasing.. The world is being raped of its resources, our skies and oceans and even orbit is being polluted and damaged beyond repair. TPTB are top of the food chain but there are many food chains, and their survival of the fittest will see the rest of us and every other living creature on earth turn into cannon fodder. Nuclear weapons are being modified, are being made more destructive, less vulnerable to counter measures and tensions with powerful nuclear states like Russia and China are being ramped up. Their survival of the fittest will ensure that nothing on earth survives.

If you think that the status quo is one borne of benevolance I think you're mistaken.
TPTB did not create those improvements in society, the people did through trade unionism and protests. TPTB gave people concessions because they were scared of them; after the war a generation of men came back to britain who had been hardened in battle and had the clout and organised structure to overthrow the government if they chose to. So TPTB gave them 'homes for heroes', a free national health service and cheap credit

But over the ensuing decades they made the public weak, fat, isolated and complacent so that they could start taking back all the concession they gave out. They chemtrailed them, flouridated them, autismed them with vaccines, poisoned them with food additives and they put endocrine disruptors into the food and water to feminise men and masculinise women

This makes men less likely to stand up to the abuses of authority and it makes women more militant and aggressive towards men thereby forcing men to fight a war on two fronts
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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