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Originally Posted by busa View Post
I refuse to adopt the illuminate stance. They can kiss my fucking arse mate.

Who the hell are a bunch or spoilt bastards of rich criminal parentage who lie, cheat, murder, get drunk, screw around, use drugs and behave like arseholes, to choose that all of them will survive and the rest aka us, will have to die? And they aren't telling us they are doing it.

No I will not adopt their superior stance. They are bigger lowlife scum than anyone.
If humanity had put the same amount of resources and effort that they have into making war, spying on us, trying to keep everybody under control, if all this time, money and effort were put into an intelligent education system, healthcare and housing, infrastructure etc, then we'd all be living the high life in an absolute paradise..

So, to side with those who have been pulling the strings, who have enslaved us through the private central banking system, to actually try to make excuses for these mass murders is beyond my ken.

Understand them to be able to over-come them, but do not make excuses for them.. (not you Busa btw).
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