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Originally Posted by alfredo79 View Post
I agree a little with blythe, because it's true that we live in complex society and at the same time humans are not social animals, at least not completly. So sofisticated systems of coercition, conditionating, corruption are necessary. This is the realty of complex societies, wich risk always to implode however, in fact ruling classes are searching to be free from human factor through high technology.
So, in conclusion, to manage a society even small, some manipolations, both "good" and "bad", are necessary; the problem is when it become a totalitarian invasive system, or when it is used to achieve selfish goals disadvantaging to the other persons.

society becomes unstable when it becomes unequal

the more unequal society becomes the more unstable it will become and the more that el-ites will need to impose their control

solution: make society more equal and more stable; but the elites don't want that...they want total control
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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