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My “friends” in the media have found out that some British politicians are involved with the same big investment funds that are majority shareholders in the military industrial complex.They argue that this could lead to a conflict of interest when Syria is bombed…

Since 2005, Philip May (husband of PM Theresa May) is an investment relationship manager at Capital Group, which owns more than 10% of Lockheed Martin.
Each JASSM bomb, used by the US army to bomb Syria, costs over a million dollars. Lockheed Martin made a nice profit and its shareholders, including Capital Group, made a fortune as the shares soared.

Philip May met Theresa at the notorious Oxford University. In 1979, Philip personally escorted Richard Nixon to a debate for the Oxford Union.

Capital Group also has investments in other corporations that will profit from the war in the Middle East. Capital owns 5% of Boeing and 10% of Royal Dutch Shell:

Capital is the second largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin.
Capital is also the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer BAE Systems, with over 360,000 shares, whose share price has also soared. Coincidentally Capital increased its share in BAE with 11% in the previous quarter.

The UK army fired 8 “Storm-Shadow” missiles, manufactured by BAE Systems, at an alleged chemical weapons facility, that cost £790,000 ($1.13 million) a piece – for a total of £6.32 million ($9 million).

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer and present editor-in-chief at the Evening Standard and MP George Osborne works for BlackRock; the fifth largest shareholder in BAE systems:

Bullingdon Boy George Osborne gets paid £650,000 a year for “working” just 48 days (4 days a month), or £13,000 per day, as an adviser for BlackRock (in addition to share rewards).
Osborne also made almost £800,000 for 15 speeches.

In March, Osborne accepted a Kissinger fellowship at the Rothschild affiliated McCain Institute:

From 2006 to 2015, Rupert Harrison served as George Osborne’s Chief of Staff. Harrison was also schooled at Eton College and Oxford.
In August 2015, Harrison became a Portfolio Manager and Chief Macro Strategist at BlackRock…

Harrison was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in August 2015.
Harrison has published opinion pieces for Rothschild’s Financial Times:

Employee of BlackRock, Lilian, was so frustrated over Osborne’s salary that she blew the whistle on him not even coming to the office for his £650,000 pay check.
She told Darren Adam:
I can assure you that, I'll never see George Osborne in the office. I can tell you he won't be in the office and I can tell you won't be sitting at a desk for one day a week.
He's being paid because these are people of influence and absolutely the caller earlier said, if he wasn't in this role, he wouldn't be attractive.
This is for organisations to have access to the inside of government, so they have a sense about what economic and policy decisions as they're going on.

Rothschild Capital Partners also made a bundle as it holds 2.8% of Lockheed Martin shares, coincidentally raising its stake in the third quarter of 2017:

Too bad our wonderful media isn’t able to see that the big investment funds don’t only control the industrial military complex, but the whole economy…
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