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Originally Posted by techman View Post
This photo has baffled me of late. This is the launch of Titanic coming out of the gantry into Belfast harbour. These photos have been in the public domain for years and are very well known photos. But until A few years ago another set of photos appeared, taken from inside showing Titanic entering the water with a large crowd in attendance. I think they were part of a private collection that were auctioned. What interests me in the exterior photos is that you cannot see any of the crowd that were there at that time.

Another observation is in an early construction photo:

I initially thought the ship shown in the above is Titanic, because Titanic was darker whilst being built whilst Olympic was white (and was so when she was launched). But it must be Olympic has the name is beside that gantry, and description states Titanic's frame was just being constructed. So am I to assume Olympic went from a darker colour then to white and was painted in her black colour when completed and entered service?.
Well for a switch to take place they would have to swap ships at some point from one dock to another. - Possibly during a bank-holiday weekend.

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