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The problem with the federal reserve theory is that it will be debunked and proved to have nothing to do with the sinking. What sounds like a convincing and satisfactory motive and connection, will be shown to have little to do with why the federal reserve act was started the following year.

So in your personal opinion, whether it was Titanic or Olympic that sank, then were there ever any of 2,000 or so people on board, and if there was, then did any of them die?. Going back to the observation in the maiden voyage photos showing little to no people on deck, isn't this people all of the 1st, second and third class passengers were all separated from each other?. This was the common thing on ships in those days.I

There's no mention, from what I've read, of there having been an official secrets act with the Titanic disaster. It's not as if that act itself wouldve been a secret (officially speaking) otherwise what would the point be in keeping it a secret?. I've never heard mention of this until now.

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