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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Alternatively, those who can be bothered to express an opinion on the forums you checked are just mostly Remainers, and there's no 'hidden hand' at all...

It's mostly younger people who use forums to chat or exchange ideas/opinions. It's mostly younger people who are Remainers. Nothing being pushed, it's just what gets posted.

No doubt the Express and Mail forums will have a different view - they are older people (mostly) but many are internet savvy..
no that's incorrect

we know due to glenn greenwalds articles that governments are paying people to infiltrate chat rooms and forums

the chinese have been doing the same for years. their cyber army are called the '50 centers' because they are paid 50 cents for every pro-government article they write

the british have a specialist team called JTRIG and we know from mainstream reports that the government has increased its spending on cyberwarfare

meanwhile in the US obamas internet tzar Cass Sunstein advised the ex president that they should use agents to infiltrate chat rooms and forums in order 'cognitively infiltrate' them ie to sow doubt in peoples minds

so your understanding is out of date. please stop pushing lies on the internet
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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