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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Today, somewhere in the world, the Brotherhood, or some elements of it,
Well having seen how focused some masons are on rank and the bar, I think that it would have to be "some elements" for I would truly be gobsmacked if every mason that I know personally was secretly into this stuff (do you think that there is a jewel avaialble for being a masonic world king groomer).

are possibly preparing
Then again possibly not. It could be, as Dan Brown alluded to, that said person has to 1. figure it out by himself, and then 2. decide what he is going to do if anything (in the film the question was posed of Audrey Tatou). Perhaps at best any such group simply offered a level of protection, perhaps opened a few doors a little easier than normal, and a comforting ear. Almost by definition Lightgiver any such person could not be "groomed" by the "elites" for he would hold wisdom that they dont have. I would suspect it would be more of a case of any said person choosing to step up or choosing to simply get on with life. Then again it could all be romantic nonsense. Fun though.

a person who they claim to be from the David, Jesus, Merovingian, blood line to become ‘World King’.
What if he didnt want the job, afterall he may already have a kingdom elsewhere?

If it is HRH he has my best wishes.

Everything and everyone is expendable to those who control the Brotherhood once their use to them has run its course.
To those on the dark side possibly.

I suppose all that anyone can do is look to see if anyone has been quietly (that rules me out) getting on with this sort of stuff since the millenium.

Added: Realised that is twice that I have mentioned Audrey tatau now. I am self-learning French to help ease me into european politics in the future and have been watching her films as they generally have excellent english subtitles - the fact that she has lovely eyes and smile is academic. Dont tell the wife.
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