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The next image depicts the interactions going on in between the numbers moving around the outside of the dial.
These new numbers could also be called a new “control” since they are ordered differently and yet maintain the essential properties of symmetry and the doubling circuit etc...

Notice the FNGs are again separated by the all important thirds and that the 3,9,6 is inverted by 180 degrees.
Also, you can count in multiples of two’s; 1+2 = 3, 3+2 = 5, 5+2 = 7 etc...

If we repeat the process once more we get; 4,8,3,7,2,6,1,5,9
The FNG’s are still separated by thirds. The 3,9,6 has now returned to the same orientation (it has been spun 360 degrees) and you can now count in multiples of 4; 4+4 = 8, 8+4 = 12 = 3, 3+4 = 7 etc, etc...If you did this a third time you would get; 4,3,2,1,9,8,7,6,5 Can you see what has happened? Can you see the perfection? Always look for symmetry, always look for the thirds.
This stuff reaches across pretty well all subjects or anything that has energy. This is the way energy wants to move in nature. The nature of water, the nature of electrons, the nature of magnetism... This is why everything spins.
Here are more ways to illustrate that this pattern is expressing the oscillation between 3 and 6.

Squeegee your third-fucking-eye-(Bill Hicks)

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