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The number nine is the primary focus of this endeavour and can be thought of as the “God”, if you like, of all numbers since there are only nine digits that make up any and all numbers into infinity. Since the zero is not a value or a vector, it is not included on the control. In fact there is no such thing as “nothing” anymore than there is such a thing as “darkness”, they are only descriptions of a perceived lack of something; lack of light, lack of order, lack of energy, lack of consciousness...

Nine is everything, zero is nothing. Therefore; nine and zero occupy the same space on the control.

Another way to look at the number nine is to say that unless you employ renormalization, you will never reach a full digit. In the same way as you could say infinity equals one, so does nine.
(Result; 1 = 0.999 recurring into infinity)
(A quick note; this is akin to what you would expect a black hole or a plenum to look like expressed numerically.)
If you divide 1 by 3 you get 0.333 recurring and the other way; 3 divided by 1 = 3, simple. Now replace the 1 with 9 so you now have; 3 divided by 9, instead of 1, but which equals 0.333 recurring also. Nine is the “whole”. Zero is the “hole”.
In regards to zero, you could look at it like this; if you have 10 and cast out nine you have; “1”. If you have a 1 and a 0 next to each other; “10” and remove the zero, you also end up with “1”.
(Result; 0 = 9, 9 = 0)
This may seem unorthodox but this really is the truth of numbers. What I am doing is revealing that numbers are infinite and I am demonstrating a way in which to work with them as such, instead of the usual way of dealing with infinities which is to simply get rid of them through a process of renormalisation.
So we see that the number nine stands above the rest. It is completely unique.
Squeegee your third-fucking-eye-(Bill Hicks)

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