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The primary intention of this information is to outline and visually display, in an easy-to-understand-way, the fundamentals of what Marko Rodin calls “Vortex Based Mathematics” and establish the self evident axioms within the base ten decimal, numerical system.

In this new view, numbers are “real” in that they are not merely representations of other things but have fundamental property characteristics of their own. They express spatial geometry along with chronological dynamics; space and time. (Numbers have temporal, spatial and volumetric qualities and the symmetry of our decimal system is a principle of nature)

This information is extremely vast in terms of connectivity between subjects and its implications. Ultimately this is an outline of what could very well be considered a “Grand Unified Theory of Everything”. (This proposal may sound absurd and yet is not also both self-explanatory and essential?) I am going to try to keep things as simple and clear as possible until I think that I have covered enough to start drawing in more advanced conclusions.

In this work, we will be continually employing the use of what is termed “decimal parity”, whereby multiple digit numbers are added together to reveal its base digit. (Numerology style)

Example; 164 = 1+6+4 = 11 = 1+1 = 2
Therefore; 164 = 2

The justification of this is that it reveals the harmonic resonance or the numeric ratios within. (This will become clear as we progress further.)
Of importance are the harmonics and the patterns. To recognise the patterns is to see the connections; to see the order. It’s not the size of the number that’s important it’s the harmonic resonance it has to the whole. The “whole”, in terms of this, is infinity.

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