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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
I am of the opinion that this forum might get a bit of attention today, as it did get on another recent occasion, especially in relation to some videos posted of late. Odd that. I don't think we'll see much cyberoutput, any time in the near future, from a certain lady either. The plot thickens...
I would also like to add that if one is trying to present themselves as the face of truth and rationality, then the very last thing they would do is to set up a blog with a multitude of sock accounts spamming the comments sections on a daily basis. It just wouldn't happen would it? I am talking schoolchild errors in making it so obvious to the whole world how blatant it is as well. The work of a real dullard of matchless stupidity.

Furthermore, it couldn't escape my attention how similar the antics of a certain blogger are to the antics of numerous sock accounts that were once posting on this very thread back in the day. They were the accounts that were relentlessly driving this thread ever onwards. I won't get in to how such activities seemed to gain approval of certain influential forumites, but it certainly did all seem very strange indeed. What was even stranger was how one account seemed to have the energy to post on this thread for 48 hours solid, with no more than a 2 hour break in between posts, which I pointed out at the time.

Some of the antics I am referring to involved creating very childish GIFs and poorly photoshopped images. They even contained warped pictures of the parents of certain children, which I did complain about at the time. Then, a certain blogger goes around complaining about how children might be upset by trolls tainting their parents. This certain blogger also continuously flip-flopped between making out that certain persons being scrutinised by the authorities were either misguided or evil. Hypocritical, much? Ha ha ha.

My position has been constant all along. I don't think there was a proper and thorough police investigation. I am also of the opinion that is quite silly to suggest that one has to believe the whole story or none of it at all. If I ever get nicked for something later on in my life, then I only need to mention little, green men to get off do I? Nothing has yet to change my mind on those fronts, so I better go and hand myself in then.

I will say one other thing. If I had doubts that anything was up at all in this case and I subsequently visited a certain blog, then I would definitely have fewer doubts after doing so. I don't think the said blogger could quite figure out what they were supposed to be doing. For example, were they supposed to be attacking certain parties in a certain case or only attempting to influence public perception? It would be nigh on impossible to do both, as nasty, personal attacks, which happened quite frequently, are going to be a bit of a turn-off when it comes to the general public. The term 'self-defeating' immediately springs to mind. Cheers.
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