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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
The reality is that Crowley ended up in court because of his books mentioning such sacrifices. He was found not guilty because he was only stating what earlier people had said rather than it being his idea. Most people into sex magic accept that 'child sacrifice' is any form of orgasm that doesn't result in a pregnancy, which it is in effect. It is very foolish to view Crowleys work in a literal sense.

Satan is basically the adversary, which in spiritual terms is that which tests you along the path. This is actually a vital role because only through our testing do we know our own limits and weaknesses and learn strength by overcoming them.
So who was AC referring to? Everyone mentions AC but not the predecessor.

But I'm sure child sacrifices happens somewhere in the world.
I just think it's really not wise (I'm not even touching on the moral) method of doing things. You've got to dispose of body etc... if you had so many bodies, it's a problem.

You got to also think two things....
Are they sacrificing humans for the sake of enjoyment OR sacrifycing to create something? If the latter, it's really not necessary to kill humans.
Just a tiny drop of your blood would be enough! IF.
Hence it sounds ridiculous to me that these 'suspects' end up with mountain of bodies and so much cleaning to do. It's like idiots trying to do rituals. It's not the quantity.

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