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The earliest mention of this map that I can see online is from 2012, which would tie in with the '2003-2012' date in the upper-left corner of the first map.

I wonder what's under the censored bit in the left-centre of the bottom of the first map? Unfortunately, a Google Reverse Image search only comes up with post-censorship versions.

Also, the signature to the right of the panel with 2003-2012 written in it in the first map shows distinct marks of being written with a ball-point pen if you zoom in (regardless of the other traits of the 'maps' being drawn with modern stationery, such as what appears to be Tipp-Ex on both maps).

I'm pretty sure this is the work of a modern fantasist, rather than anything ancient. Without reading the text, I'd guess it's either something from a fantasy/sci-fi story or a role-playing game. It can't really be considered a 'forgery' even in the loosest interpretation of the word, as I doubt the creator was out to actually fool anyone.

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