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Originally Posted by neilbe View Post
Well let's hope David has changed his mind about not voting?

If we keep giving our power away like this then nothing will ever change. If the systems broke then fucking mend it. How else is anything ever going to change?

Vote for good, independent, switched-on folk who actually give a shit.

We need around 350 clued-up people who can articulate in simple terms the problems as they actually are, 350 people who can cut through the smoke and mirrors, the "for profit" statues that never help the average guy in the street, the "for profit" wars and conflits.....there are people who can actually realise the solutions....

Is this really that difficult? This general election is a great opportunity.... People are searching for some answers, for some authenticity, some humanity...

Nobody can tell me that there aren't 350 decent people out there.....

The general election is a great opportunity to get out there and speak to people, to get your point across, to articulate in the simplest of terms what's wrong with this country. Local radio, newspapers, flyers, talking on street corners...

Get on your soap box...

Here's that video again in case YOU missed it..

Take back our power, take responsibility and change things..

Here's some of the excuses I regularly hear, the sheeple are too asleep, the system is corrupted, the MSM is biased...............poor me, I can't do anything.
First of all, to become an independent or even a small political collective needs financial backing, advertising and votes.

I would stand myself but it is £500 plus a rigmarole of Government mandates to follow. If you do not secure a percentage of votes, you lose that £500. To alot of upstanding switched-on people, that is a lot of money to lose.

Secondly, the system itself is corrupt. This is why people will always vote for the main 2 parties, as the indoctrination of a 'wasted' vote is instilled in people's fear mindset.

Thirdly, even though people are awakening faster than ever, it is too little, too late. The elections are not far away and most stalwarts are voting Tory, Labour, UKIP, Greens and Lib Dems.

Lastly, with all good intentions, an independent will very rarely get votes or backing due to the small amount of say they will have in parliament. This is why established party members get the votes, as people assume that because they belong to a 'major' party, that their MP will have the influence to make change in benefit to his constituents.

I would help any independent out there. There are groups like
and which is trying to get 'None Of The Above' on the ballot papers.
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