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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
Even if someone was powerful enough to bribe and shut up every single scientist, electronic engineer and physicst worldwide (including all governmets in the world); why would they allow solar pannels to be sold? You can already power you home with "free energy", and no one needs to be connected anymore to an energy supplier if they really wanted to!
But you don't need to bribe everyone - just ensure the inventor doesn't get it out.

If some do get some publicity, bury it by bribery or machevellian means and leave doubt in peoples mind about it and nobody looks twice.

How many scientists - mainstream scientists are involved in Free Energy research? Any at all. Cos if there aren't - then clearly mainstream scientists are never going to find anything because they aren't looking for it.

So its only going to be inventors and a few individuals. Thats not so difficult to control. If you make an invention for a car then logically you get in touch with a car manufacturer. They buy your idea. Your happy, they're happy and the invention/improvement gets filed away somewhere for 'future markets or research' never gets released.

It would only be a few mainstream scientists who might investigate in their spare time and stumble across something. But if you were that man, you would be in a very lonely place trying to explain to your coleagues you've done something they say can't be done. You might just shelve it and forget about it. Or present it as a discovery of some new phenomena but don't even hint that you were looking for free energy or they will probably drop the idea like a ton of bricks and distance themselves from you.

Did you see what happened with Deborah Cung when she released a statement about finding negative resistance statement on the college website, then retracted, couldn't give an interview until they figured out what it was, or the cold fusion experiments that were denounced as fraud and now 10 years later quietly accepted as true. Make a big noise it must be fraud at the time, everyone walks away and gives up, then years the later when the scientists finally get recognition there is no media interest because 'wasn't that a fraud' mentatility still exists about it - its been tainted.

Its not that difficult to control to my mind.
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