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Default Hungerford Massacre a hoax?

On Miles Mathis' website I came across a recent article he posted regarding the 1987 Hungerford Massacre having been a completely staged/hoaxed event.

Anyone think that this mayve been the case, or is Mathis (or rather the creator of the article) looking too much into this event?.

I'm fairly sure, from what researchers like Richard D Hall have pointed out, that all was not all it seemed with shootings like that, and that the alleged shooter was likely a patsy (mind controlled) to carry out his spree, but whether the entire event was staged as a psyop for an agenda I've no idea. But considering we have no doubt have had staged events using crisis actors in the recent, post 9/11 era, it wouldn't surprise me if this kind of thing has been going on for far longer than what we've thought.

At the beginning of the article, the author seems to suggest that the Cumbria massacre (the Derrick Bird shootings) and Dunblane may also have been staged events. I think Dunblane having been hoaxed (even for us truthers) will be too much to take in.

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