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Here’s another video from August 2015 in San Diego.
A naked man is strolling in a canyon (I’m sure he isn’t armed) and at the request of the police walks over to them. After they once tell him to “turn around” (because they want to admire his ass?) he refuses by saying a couple of times “No”. Then the police order the dog to attack (for a few seconds).
While these brave cops put this extremely dangerous man in handcuffs, they order the K9 to attack again – the dog bites his right leg for another 44 seconds. The victim was in hospital for 2 weeks.
The man has lost (a big part of) his right leg forever. He got a $385,000 settlement:

Here’s the direct link to the video; you can also see an earlier snippet from 1991, when a black homeless man was attacked by the LAPD that sent their dog on him:
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