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Map of Kuwait..

In United Nations Security Council resolution 661, adopted on 6 August 1990, reaffirming Resolution 660 (1990) and noting Iraq's refusal to comply with it and Kuwait's right of self-defence, the Council took steps to implement international sanctions on Iraq under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter..This was the second resolution by the Security Council over the invasion of Kuwait..Meeting no.2,933..The resolution was adopted by 13 votes to none, while Cuba and Yemen abstained from voting..

7 August..

Gulf War (001 of 374) - Desert Shield, 1990..

Lindsay Perigo (born 14 December 1951) is a former New Zealand television and radio broadcasting personality, founding member and first leader of the Libertarianz political party and an Objectivist organisation called Sense of Life Objectivists..He is a noted fan of Mario Lanza - Gene La Rocque was born in Kankakee, Illinois in 1918 and began his naval service in 1940.. When the attack on Pearl Harbor was carried out, he was serving on the USS Macdonough.. He participated in 13 major battles in World War II and worked for se7en years in the Strategic Plans Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff..In the Battle of Kwajalein, he was the first man to go ashore in the landings at Roi-Namur..He retired in 1972, disillusioned over the Vietnam War... I can't bear another day of those martyred looks..It's a living hell up here.. What with the bloody rain, the bloody loneliness, and that bloody wind..I don't give a bloody damn how a man prays!..

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