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I don't own a tv and have not had one in my home since 97. Every once in a while there will be a tv on somewhere that I am at but that is the extent of my tv experience.

Try talking to people about anything not on tv and they will actually treat you as if you are strange and have a bit of, for lack of a better word, pity for you.I understand that the world is under a horrible spell. I despair that most people are unable to be awakened in time. It is not the few in charge who are the greatest threat but the many who do not realize that they are controlled.

Anyway, this thread is creepy. I will visit Vigilant Citizen occasionally and from there I have been moved to watch a couple of music videos on YouTube. I could not sit straight through them and had to stop 4 minute songs and leave the area because I felt so contaminated. There are blatant rituals going on. Books I had read on the occult 20 years previously are being acted out with no relation to the songs in most cases. Crass abuse being shown while a song is promoted as love and empowerment? I despair.
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