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I have onsies for the winter (with hood) .. thermals under that. and good to go.. I find if you cover with a blanket then you just do not want to move around.

Please do open curtains in the daytime .. As oz says its not good to not let light in. ( depressed people get more depressed and I always notice they never open curtains, I was the same ) also keep one window open, does not have to be fully open for good fresh air. it wont be colder. My bedroom window is open all year round. so I have fresh air while sleeping.
I also have a electric under blanket that I turn on a hour before bed and turn off when I am in it.. its good as it cools down you fall asleep. I have a good duvet and always sleep nudie. I have a fleeze dressing gown that I put on as I get up and that keeps my body heat in.. I put heating on first thing in the morning as I get up.. and then turn off once I have had my coffee and dressed.

Also go out for a walk before bed. helps sleep and gets you much needed fresh air.. when you come in jump in your warm snugly bed.
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