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'doctrine of inevitability of gradualism'

The Fabians, the Round Table, and the Rhodes Scholars: "The secret goal of the Fabian Society was to create a godless, classless, socialistic society that was dedicated to the ultimate victory of Socialism which really meant Communism. In 1891, they became affiliated with the Second Socialist International (established in 1889), and helped establish a Democratic Socialist state in Great Britain. [See The Grasp of Socialist International]

"The aims of the Fabian Society were developed by [Sidney] Webb from what Englishman John Ruskin (1819-1900) taught at Oxford University....The Fabians were working towards a new world by indoctrinating young scholars who would eventually rise to power in various policy-making positions throughout the world by infiltrating educational institutions, government agencies, and political parties. Their strategy was called the 'doctrine of inevitability of gradualism,' which meant that their goals would be gradually achieved.... The secret was evolution, not revolution, or what Webb called 'permeation.' Shaw (whose mistress, Florence Farr, was a witch in the Order of the Golden Dawn), revealed that their goal was to be achieved by 'stealth, intrigue, subversion, and the deception of never calling Socialism by its right name.'...

"In 1905, American Fabians established the Rand School of [Social Science] in New York City. On September 12, 1905, five of the Fabians met at Peck's Restaurant in New York's Lower Manhattan: Upton Sinclair (well-known author and socialist), Jack London (well-known fiction writer), Rev. Thomas Wentworth Higginson (a Unitarian minister), J.G. Phelps Stokes, and Clarence Darrow (legendary lawyer). They incorporated the Intercollegiate Socialist Society for the purpose of promoting 'an intelligent interest in socialism among college men and women,' and established chapters at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, New York University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Their true purpose was to begin de-Christianizing America. One of its founding members was John Dewey, the father of progressive education, whose philosophy consisted of 'atheism, socialism and evolution.'"
This conjecture is in this book and lots more.

Preparing the ground within the book.

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