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Iv been told to not stick out you will be hammered but the positive energy i like they dont like it and they serve negative energy,i cannot and never mix their energy and they cant stand positive.i survive on positive energy.
An agent told me where did chest thumpers reach not far,but i thought the most resilient people reach far.Another one said pretend to be weak,but be very strong inside,im no pretender!period,another one said be a chameleon ,nahh i cant change my colors. my dna rejects such behavior,i just cant.I cant no matter what they do i cant.
whats the stupid saying the hammer that sticks out gets hammered ,but it will never enter their box,its going to enter their eye or limbs when it gets hammered.
whatever game you play,remember this is no game!
remember wachowski brothers who made the matrix they are now wachowski sisters,so be careful those other paths have you falling in a labyrinth .
If they wanted obedience to them no matter what they do even evil they should keep dogs,
im not a Dog on a leash .

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