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Originally Posted by deca View Post
its not about being clever is knowing that you don`t know .....and about getting informed from proper verifiable sources ...experts , documents , research...etc

I am smart enough to know I don`t know and at the shit end of the stick getting dick about .....but do know were to go to get good solid information
for word its wisdom!
shit i dont know alot ,im learning too,but dont act like a phd in ti ,you know hands down alot about their tech but you still whine like a ............................,makes me wonder how do you make your ends meat because you have nothing to do than give half truths and come on trolling every thread.
Dont talk about sprituality if you dont know,say i can only tell you about tech fullstop ,makes me think this snake is not stupid after all.
Good troll ada boy!
You know alot then why b....... all the time.You can know everything you dont even have the peace ,you know all tactics all techs ,you cant defend, whining and on top talk about spirituality you dont know.
Your another victim serving the system because you broke.
Even the perps broke.hahahahaah
your a child.get the info to do nothing with it.fear monger er
you better have extra pounds on me,pound for pound i hit above my weight category.all the proxy cowards can do nothing still alive,highly motivated to beat demons and their human dogs and the inbetweens hahahahaha.but enough talking thats all you can do is distract,im a doer,anyone can be anyone on net,fantasy land ,anyone can sound tough.its valentines someones girlfriend is calling me !

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