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Exclamation The HellFire Club Descent Into Darkness AJ Hilder

The HellFire Club - Descent Into Darkness - Anthony J Hilder 2

Child Molestation, Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in the Hell Fire Club in West Wycombe near London in the 1700s. Keeping the facade of Christian worship in an above ground Church Sir Francis Dashwood and Benjamin Franklin below ground practice the worship of debauchery, rape, and murder. The specter of Satanic practices and worship goes on to this day in Bohemian Grove and the Skull and Bones where Americas leaders are nourished and indoctrinated with the Luciferian Doctrine. . Though the Hell Fire Clubs members are long gone....The practices still carry on with New World Orderites in The Bohemian Grove before the Owl of Moloch and in the tomb of Skull and Bones at Yale University.

Request for asisstance for possible upcoming film shoot and speaking tour in the UK:

"Our goal upon returning to the campaign for a free and independent England is to unearth evidence that will completely expose the English Evilarchy that creates the currency and controls the commerce. In short....The goal is to incite an economic victory before Cameron and company draws you into the next war. B and I are ready to help. We need transportation, B&Bs, and venues where we can converse with those of you who can and will change the course of history. Trusting that we reach those of you who continue to keep us free. This story needs to expand 10,000 fold." Anthony J Hilder email: [email protected]
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