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Default Charles Higham – Trading with the enemy

I’ve found another book on financing the German Nazis from Wall Street; Charles Higham – TRADING WITH THE ENEMY (1983):

The scope of the book is narrower than the Antony Sutton book on the same topic (that was my post important source for the Original Post in this thread). This has the advantage that it’s easier to read. So if you’re interested in this topic and for some reason find the Sutton book unreadable, this could be THE book for you. Higham blames the German-American “Fraternity” for WW II.
I prefer the Antony Sutton book. Some of the interesting names completely missing in Higham’s book (while Sutton’s book IS in the reference list).
Union Banking Corporation (UBC): the Thyssen bank in the US with a direct link to the father of later US President George Bush Sr – Prescott Bush.
Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart (BHS): the Thyssen bank in the Netherlands with a direct link to the Dutch Royal family.
Max Warburg: the banker directly linked to Rothschild.
Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl: Hitler and Roosevelt’s friend.

The following interesting information is in the Higham book…

In 1929, Hermann Schmitz, his nephew Max Ilgner, Walter Teagle, Edsel Ford, and Charles E. Mitchell (National City Bank) set up the US-German organisation: American I.G./Chemical Corp.

In 1930, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was created. On the board of directors of BIS German and American Nazis were collaborating: its first president was Gates W. McGarrah (formerly of Rockefeller’s Chase National Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank) who was succeeded in 1933 by another American, Leon Fraser.
On the board of directors they were joined by the German Nazis Hermann Schmitz (chairman of IG Farben), Baron Kurt von Schröder (head of the JH Stein Bank of Cologne and financier and high officer of the Gestapo); Dr. Walther Funk (of the Reichsbank), and Emil Puhl.
These days the BIS is (still) active. It’s nicknamed the “bank of banks” and “most powerful bank in the world”…

Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, German Minister of Economics and president of the German Central Bank (Reichsbank), spent part of his childhood in Brooklyn and had powerful Wall Street connections.
James D. Mooney of General Motors and William Rhodes Davis of the Davis Oil Company enjoyed pleasant meetings with Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring.
During the war, J. Edgar Hoover, Adolf A. Berle, Henry Morgenthau, and Harold Ickes kept President Roosevelt informed on the US-Nazi connections.

Walter C. Teagle (chairman of Rockefeller’ Standard Oil) was friendly with Director of Royal Dutch-Shell Sir Henri Deterding. Teagle was also close to Henry Ford and became director of American IG Chemical Corp.

In May 1940, diamond merchant in New York, Leonard Smit, began smuggling diamonds to Nazi Germany through Panama. Smit's company was Dutch, but its stock was owned by the International Trading Company located in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
On 15 July 1941, Major Charles A. Burrows of Military Intelligence reported that Standard Oil was shipping oil from Dutch Aruba to Tenerife in the Canary Islands; about 20% of this oil was destined for Germany.

Sosthenes Behn (head of the US telephone giant ITT) became an important aid to his friend Hermann Göring. In 1938, he and Schröder obtained 28% of the Focke-Wulf company.
In South America, Behn partnered with the giant Radio Corporation of America (RCA), which owned NBC. In Transradio Consortium, RCA partnered with: British Cable and Wireless; the German Telefunken; Italcable (fully owned by the Mussolini government); and Vichy's Compagnie Générale. General Robert C. Davis, head of the New York Chapter of the American Red Cross, was its chairman.
On 16 February 1946, Behn was awarded the Medal of Merit on behalf of President Truman.

The half Jewish princess Stefanie Hohenlohe and General Erhard Milch of the air force were given the title of “Honorary Aryan" by Joseph Goebbels. Stefanie also was presented a swastika-shaped diamond clip from Hitler for her help.
In the early 1930s, Stefanie and Nazi General Fritz Wiedemann had a relationship. They were friendly with millionaire Lord Rothermere, British owner of the London Daily Mail, who used the princess to donate $5 million to get Hitler in power. In the late 1930s, Princess Stefanie travelled to London, Paris, Berlin, Salzburg, Madrid, and Rome. In 1937, Stefanie and Wiedemann visited the US where they met Nazi-supporters, including Sosthenes Behn, Walter Teagle, and Edsel Ford. Hermann Schmitz rewarded the princess with some shares in IG Farben.
In 1940, Princess Stefanie met Sir William Wiseman, who had been head of British Intelligence in World War I and was now a partner in the Kuhn, Loeb banking company.
A scandal erupted in 1941, when Princess Stefanie was again in the US over an affair with Major Lemuel Schofield Schofield. It took until 1944 before the Princess could leave the US.
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