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Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
Haha. This is so typical of the propaganda they put out there on the lower levels, and remember even the word 'man' does not refer to ordinary people in Freemasonry, in their religion. The profane are not really men and women. In fact the profane are subhuman and Albert Pike tells us that in his own book. He tells us that freemasonry is a religion, and he says 'Make no mistake, Lucifer is God' -- Lucifer is the light that he is talking about. When you cut through the chase of freemasonry, most people don't get beyond the third degree and they're quite happy as a Master Mason, but 'life begins at 40' and that's what it means, the 40th degree is when they start to tell you what the real truth is.
Here we have a self proclaimed Mason stating Lucifer is Christ. Mostly due to their ignorant interpretation of the Bible.
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