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The genome project is very keenly interested in the Basque/Spanish/Irish line of people I do know this. They study it intently compared to the other haplogroups. I am Basque/Irish/mostly and they compare my DNA to others of the R1 and R2 group all the time as a reference apparently because if I understood correctly my sample is the oldest or goes back to the start of the line or something but anyway the sequence the use to ID mine is laid out differently and it is apparently the only one they've had submitted like it.
So we have this group. R1 a sub group of R and R1b a subgroup of R1 and then R1b1 to R1b1b2 a sub group to R1b1 All of the database is composed of submissions that are these signatures.

R1B1B2a1a2b or R1b1b2a1a2f2 and R1B1B2a1a1 and 98% of the data is all these groups and then there is me! Last they wrote me about four years ago I was the only one with this signature in the entire database and then Stephen Colbert, yes the one from the TV talk show, took part and turns out his is exactly the same as mine. We're the only two in the entire data base with the R1b1b2a1a sig. It stops there for us two and none of the others involved have that so the two of us are apparently unique for some reason. He maybe even has some of the same blood anomalies that crop up with mine like elevated CK levels and such but I've never talked to the man.
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