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I'd like to address two points made in the videos, one of them being the Hallow Earth theory.

For one, it's completely impossible. At least, it is in the way described in the videos. Gravity clumps things together, and leaves very little room, and while there might be smaller caverns down deeper into the Earth's crust, there can't be anything of that size, and I couldn't imagine anything being able to live down in there. (Except, maybe certain extremophiles)

Also, gravity doesn't work in some of the models presented. The models look old and it's obvious that they're out of date. There's no way for gravity to magically reverse like that to where you could "walk" on the earth.

Another good point to make is that the Hollow Earth would crumble. Normal matter is not strong enough to support a massive structure like that against gravity.

And in the case of popular culture: This is again a case of not looking at the whole picture. Yes, the use of reptiles in pop culture is reused, but so are millions of concepts.

Here's a few I can think up off the top of my head that have been reused in the past 100 or so years: Vampires, Warewolves, (Beast) men, the living dead (Zombies), demons, Elves, wizards, magic, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, dwarves, gnomes...

And that's just a few. Hell, in comics, there's super heroes that come from different universes with the same powers. (Aqua man and the Sub Mariner, Hawk Eye and Green Arrow, just to name a few.) It's not uncommon.

Naming a few obscure characters from a few obscure TV shows and movies doesn't prove all that much. It just means you spent a lot of time looking up lizard people in pop culture.
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