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I think one of the things to come out of the whole Snowden thing is a massive reversal of public opinion in regard to Spies in general, no longer is GCHQ the home of the suave James Bond, it is now seen as the home of lying deceitful bastards.

I am the type of person that values not just my own privacy, but that of others too, if I crashed at your house and you had to go out to work or something, and I stumbled upon your private journal – I wouldn't read it.

It used to be only inmates in prison who were in danger of having their private letters to loved ones read by a stranger, now we all suffer that same loss of liberty and dignity.

There is an energetic aspect to what they do also, it is a fact that you cannot look at something without changing it, albeit in a tiny microscopic way, if you read someones journal for instance, you create a tiny energetic link between you and what you read. I suspect there is a heavy Karmic debt being built up by those that work in places like GCHQ.
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