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Bin laden was a psyops. It was a precursor for the war on terror after 9/11.

All this spying, that many on here, don't seem to give a shit about, is part of that. The governments still think that they can fool us all, that spying is for our own good, under the BS terrorism, propaganda.

It's a pity these so called, security services, don’t spy on their own, governments ECT. Of course, they can do no wrong.

It's the general public that are a threat, to them, so they think.

What all this surveillance of the general population boils down to, is fear. TPTB, governments, royals, and secret society’s all fear us. So they use this for their own protection, while fooling a stupid, and gullible public, into thinking, it's for their own protection. While the real terrorist elites, do the terrorising.
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Technology will eventually, be used to enslave the human race. Time to wake up.
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