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Like i said so many times osama bin laden was just a very spiritual person whom did not like america.

Thats how mad this world is, bin laden after the cold war turned his attention to america, and seeing as they knew him from 70's and 80's when they used him, they did not like it.

Amazing a world where a very spiritual person wishes bad things on america, and america calls him most dangerous man in the world.

It also shows you how america thinks society runs, if they considered him to have been such a threat.

Shows you how crazy the people running america is.

Thats how barking mad is the system of a world we live in. America intel agenices will want you dead or use there techs to destroy your life, if you are a spiritual person whom does not like them.

Thats how barking mad these people are.

Nevermind the fact that new york is more dangerous than argentina, american agenices will target you around the world if you are a spiritual person whom does not like them. They are more worried about someone wishing bad things on there country than people that actually commit crimes.

Shows you how barking mad these people are, and also shows you how they think the system runs.

We really do live in a looney bin world.

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