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Unhappy No one seem to care about being spied on


Unbelievable that this has only had 450 odd views and only two members took an interest in this, very worry situation.

It seems most on here are more interested in the fake nibiru and a stupid US flag ripping apart. They have more views
Don't any of you give a s**t that the likes of the Terrorists, NSA and GCHQ are spy on you? Need to get you head out of the sand folks. (Shakes head)

Of course, this spying is done to protect us all from terrorists, while the real terrorists, run the world.

I really hope TPV talk about this. I will be disappointed if they don't. Maybe get MI5/MI6 on and ask them why they feel the need to do this. Not that I expect them to see reason why it's wrong.

Two more news links about this if you don’t like the guardian.
Edward Snowden leaks: UK 'let NSA store email addresses'

Documents show Blair government let US spy on Britons
The Arrival - Aliens
News, documentaries ect >>
Technology will eventually, be used to enslave the human race. Time to wake up.
The UK voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic EU. Get on with starting article 50!

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