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Arrow Vigrid (Norway)

Vigrid is a Norwegian organization which combines racial teachings with imagery derived from Norse mythology. Vigrid was founded by Tore W. Tvedt on 31 December 1998, and is today led by Thorgrim O. Bredesen. In 2009 the group registered as a political party, and ran for the parliamentary election, but received a 179 votes (0.007% of the nationwide votes). The organisation is widely regarded as neo-nazi. With Tore Tvedt's retirement, he proclaimed the organisation to have been closed down on 17 November 2009. The name Vigrid is derived from the plain Vígríðr from Norse mythology...


Vigrid claim that races or nations other than the Aryan are guilty of turmoil and problems around the world. The organization has because of this much in common with Nazi groups, such as 1930s Nasjonal Samling. The organization consider Adolf Hitler as a "savior" and "salvator of Europe", and adds considerable weight in the argument to protect the white race against extinction due to increased immigration of what they call racial promotion...

The organization regards the Norse god Odin as the creator of the universe..

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People want freedom from the Internationalists all over the world, it's unstoppable.

Nationalists in South Sudan

Tibet Nationalists

Uighur Nationalists

Palestine Nationalists

Russian Nationalists
Maybe you should start a thread on it instead of spamming other peoples.

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