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Originally Posted by angel of grief View Post
Ok let's keep argue this issue
First ,what is your reason for in Iranian state nobody permitted to post outside??? that's ridiculous, Please give me A FACT with logical reasoning
Let's putting aside prejudice.
Iranian government following Islamic law, I know all world is screwed up by religions
There is no different between Mohammad Jesus Or Moses they were all equal.

Second, I think you didn't follow my posts, did you? from wikipedia from BBC from other

My conclusion, absolutely you are not funny and too rude.
The world is indifferent to you and this is really becoming a weird obsession.
keep it up....
Iranian people do not allow have sex
Iranian people do not allow swimming
Iranian people do not allow fuck
Iranian people do not allow study

I don't know where are you from and what you believe,
whatever you are you do not allow to know things about Iran. That's real fact.

Meanwhile about 15 millions Iranian using Instagram and Facebook.
Yep right mate. Iranians who live in Iran are all over the web.

INSIDE Iran you have internet but so closely monitored as to make what monitoring we get look like pussy cat monitoring.
You see anybody else who lives in Iran posting IRNA propaganda on DIF?
You're the only one.
Cos people who live in Iran can't freely post outside of Iran but if they could they might be calling BS on what passes for your government. They can't do that because the tech don't work. If they as much as tried to do that they'd be getting an early morning call from the Iranian plod - followed by their old mum being extremely sad.
You LOVE the BS that IRNA puts out there, cos it is all that you post and, oddly; you are the only Iranian on DIF free to do so. . Therefore you are an agent for IRNA.
IRNA is a branch of the Iranian government so you are an Iranian Government agent.

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