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I think that Alice is a symbol of innocence being drawn into the evil sub-world where she is forced, against her will of course, to find out the things she originally thought were just figments of her imagination under her bed, and in her closet. Evil gets off on exposing the most innocent to the most horrific of abominations. They love the "oh my God, I can't believe this is actually real" factor of their victims. The end of the story when she finally wakes up back in the real world could be a symbol of her "dreaming/wishing" that she has escaped the horrors, only to wake up still in the dark underworld, like in the film "The descent". These people are utterly and completely evil. Imagine taking the armies of hell and using them against a toddler. That is what they lust after. Placing a universe of hell inside the tiny body and mind of something that naturally cannot fathom or comprehend it, let alone defend itself against it. It's a form of psychological rabies. And I think Alice represents this tiny victim. The "happy unbirthday" is a metaphor of perversion.
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