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I found a cool clip about the mantis being:

In the past year 2009 I have had the pleasure to be in contact and work with a wonderful being of love and light that looks like a huge insect. I remember the first time "he" came to me was during a meditation, I felt the approach from behind me on my left and turned to see who was joining us (me and my guides) The being was unlike anything that I had seen before, it was very tall and golden in colour and reminded me of a Praying Mantis. My guides were very quiet and it seemed like they were waiting to see how I would react to such a being. I spoke to it and said if you are here for my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all then you are welcome. The amazing feeling of pure love that came from this being flooded over me It was a very beautiful moment.

Another time a few weeks later, "he" appeared during a session that I was receiving from a Shamanic healer, she told me that this large bug like creature had just come in and offered me a special gift, a type of "sight." She described to me the lenses they looked like cut crystal facets. I remember saying that I had already been in contact with this being and I was open to receive the gift be it for my highest and greatest good. She began telling me of how she saw this being "it looks like a huge Praying Mantis", I got the impression that she was a little disturbed by "his" appearance, I wanted to say don't look, just feel the energy from him.

It was some time after this that I found reference to a being of the same description in a book called Ascension Magick by Christoper Penczak, in the book he refers to them as Ataien. I also found an article recently online about a book called 'The next dimension is love' by Dorothy Roeder, a channel, she claims she was contacted by Ranoash, a member of a species that calls itself the Ataien. I read smiling the whole time as I now knew who I was working with. He sometimes joins me in my healing sessions his energy is so pure, It is an amazing feeling to let that energy flow through me.

There's some other info and drawings there too.
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